Home warranty for rental property recommendation?? 2-10 = bad!

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Hi all! Thanks for being such a wonderful community of helpful and willing guidance counselors! Just want to know if anyone had had a positive experience with a home warranty company...I had 2-10 for the two years I purchased coverage while I’ve had renters in my home. I only recently had my first claim, just before my second year was up, when the refrigerator stopped working. 2-10 was entirely worthless through the whole process! The one positive aspect was they paid me fast, but after I had to do THEIR job repeatedly and exhaustively (I had to find and call SIX repair companies bc no one would touch a home warranty job apparently) bc I never heard from the ONE they “provided”, even after calling this alleged repair “company” myself after not hearing from them for over 24 hours! I had to call 2-10 REPEATEDLY and while they were all very nice and polite, no one was HELPFUL! SMH!

Generally from what I’ve seen getting warranties on appliances is usually just throwing money alway.

I can buy a brand new fridge for 400 bucks. That doesn’t seem expensive enough to warrant a warranty.

@Caleb Heimsoth  Very true, and that’s exactly what I paid for the fridge I had to replace, ha! It was more for HVAC-type-system peace of mind. I had a friend recommend using one when I first rented my house out, not so sure it is indeed a necessity!