Earthquake-actuated gas shut off valve for California houses?

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I am seeing a lot of CA folks on this site.  Would like to know your opinion on this type of gas valve.  I am living in Bay Area with a few rentals in the area.  Non of them has this type of valve installed.  I believe the damage from the earthquake would be bigger caused by aftermath fire than by the earthquake itself.  Given the high repairing cost, do you think it it is worth to upgrade all the house to this type of valves?     If you've done so, how much?  Any contractor that you could recommend?


@Jim G.

In my experience, the shut off valve was required in order to get the homes insured.  Along with this, the home had to be bolted to the foundation, which many older California homes are not.  I had a plumber install it when he made some other repairs.  It was a pretty straight-forward.