Help! Landlord giving rent deduction on restoration period?

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Hello all!

One of our rental properties in Kent, WA has a leaking bathroom, and we had to get our contractors in to do the restoration work.  The work has already taken 1/2 month, and will likely take another 1/2 month to complete.  The property has two bathroom, so the tenant will be able to use the other bathroom for day-to-day activities (the leaking one is the smaller of the two).  

I am wondering in this kind of situation, do landlord normally give a rent reduction, and if so, how much do people generally give?

Thank you all!


Hi Victor,

From my perspective, the tenant is not getting all they paid for, so I typically give a rent deduction, especially if they are a good tenant and I want to keep them.  Usually, they are happy to get the reduction and the upgraded property.  

Good luck!