Rental Property Condo Rehab - Selecting Finishes

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My business partner and I are closing on a condo in the next couple of weeks that needs a major rehab.  Our strategy is to buy and hold, benefit from the positive monthly cash flows, and sell after about 5 years of stress free property management.

The issue I am having is selecting finishes that are reasonably affordable (dare I say cheap), durable for renters, and still get top $ on an appraisal when we go to refinance.  I have most items selected through Home Depot but stuck on some of the larger ticket items.

What are some recommended, durable kitchen/bathroom counter tops?  Same for tile types in bathroom shower, bathroom floor, and kitchen floor (match bathroom).

For a rental...laminate counter tops, vinyl flooring. For tenants you think functional/durable which is usually in conflict when dealing with a SFH property. Tenant and SFH resale do not go hand in hand.

Your best option is to set it up now for tenants as I suggest and then do another reno to upgrade for sale.....possibly stone, hardwood and tile to maximise profits when you sell assuming they are appropriate for your market. If it's a B class property laminate counters are appropriate, stone and hardwood will maybe help at time of sale but you will not recoup your expense if you over develop the property.

Keep it simple, tenants are capable of destroying anything.