Wheelchair Banged up Walls . . . what to do

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I'm not sure how costly it's going to be to repair and repaint. Normally, I would take it out of the deposit . . . but I'm struggling with the ethics of doing this. It seems like I simply have to suck it up. Anyone have recommendations for a good and reasonable painter South of Atlanta?

If the unit suffers damage, why wouldn't you hold the tenant responsible? (despite the wheelchair issue)

Also, I haven't seen the damage but I suspect you may have damaged sheetrock (ie, torn through the paper) which is going to require repair in addition to painting.

Does your handyman give you a specific wheelchair damage discount? If not, why is the damage source pertinent?  Take it from deposit and get the place ready for next tenant.

wheelchairs don't get a free pass.

Unless your hallways and rooms are only 3 ft wide, a wheelchair shouldn't be hitting the walls constantly.

Damage is damage.  You are running a business.

As the parent of a child in a wheelchair, I would let it go and just be glad I'm not the one in the wheelchair. 

Thank you for your replies. Good and interesting to know that there is no one standard answer. I’m gonna have to go with my conscience on this one and tell myself that would have had to paint anyway.