Tenant responsibility for Personal Property (incl w/out warranty)

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Hi, I am a prospective tenant reviewing a lease which states:

"The following items of personal property are included in the Premises without warranty and landlord will not maintain, repair or replace them..."

I understand landlords include this language to protect themselves from appliance misuse and maintenance. I am wondering if I -- as the tenant -- am required to replace the items of personal property if they break/malfunction, or if I could simply leave the broken items in the property at the end of the lease. I am unsure what the language in the lease stipulates. 

The items in question are standard appliances which are not mandatory provisions in my state (i.e. washer). Thank you. 

I read that as the tenant does not have to maintain or repair the appliances. 

But... to be perfectly clear... I would have that written into the bottom of the lease "tenant will not repair, maintain, or replace the ....". Just so when you move out they can't try to stick you with the cost of a new dryer.

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