Purchasing a duplex in PA with tenants under market

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I am currently looking for a property to live in and rent the other part, often the properties have tenants with rents below market. Since this would be my first go, from those with experience, what are some best practices?

Can the current moratorium prevent them from moving if I as new owner want to move into a unit?

Is there a way to put a clause in the purchase agreement for proof of tenant payments up to current month?

Security deposits should be transferred to me at close, what if someone has no security deposit from their tenant? And is it possible to find out?

Would I throw in a statement in the property purchase agreement for the current owner to give notice, or allow me to speak to them before closing, or just deal with it after I buy the property? (My lease expires Mar 21)

Any other advice is appreciated too, thanks in advance :)

@Mateusz Piasta you always want to get copies of the leases and estoppel statements - basically a one-page signed doc by the tenants stating what their rent, security deposit, and end date. I’d also include their status whether they are up to date in rent or behind.

With covid, it can get complicated to force tenants out. But there are often properties available with vacancies. So keep your eyes out!