BBQ, YOU are invited, Tuesday, 7/29/14 6:30 pm

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Good afternoon, Fellow Investors, Contractors and Landlords,

1. Couple a cans of "fire-stop" foam, more blocking, some "arc fault" breakers and our rough is signed off. We're ready to start buttoning up and work on the finish.

Tuesday July 29, 2014 6:30 pm we're having a BBQ at the site #3 Trask Road, Peabody MA 01960 (a mile from the Springhill suites, our usual meeting place and .3 miles off 128)

You'll be able to meet Contractors, Investors and Landlords. Then go through a disaster of a project (now almost straightened out of course). There is NO CHARGE for this particular meeting and if you RSVP you'll get a ticket for THE Door Prize.

2. You can also go through Victoria's latest Real Estate venture in Detroit with her partner. Do not tell anyone else about this, she does not want any more competition for this Gold Mine. Tell them: Detroit is awful, you'll get killed, you'll lose money and you won't recover;-)

3. Of course we've got the Market Update, the Wholesaling subgroup and the New Member Orientation/ Buddy system match-up.

See you next Tuesday, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639-8616 officePS Last time we had a BBQ we ran out of food, which is why I'm asking for your RSVP and offering a chance at a Door Prize. We bring any extra food to the Salem Homeless Shelter but running out is embarrassing;-(

Hi @Mike Hurney  

I am planning on attending the BBQ tomorrow. Is there anything I can bring?

Thanks Brian, maybe a desert?

and some questions!

Phone Blast that just went out:

Good morning Investors, Landlords and Contractors! This is Mike Hurney at

Tomorrow evening You're invited to our Cookout at 3 Trask Road, Peabody, MA This is a FREE event for ALL

This has been an unusual project with Tough Tenants, Building Code violations, Contractor Issues, Listing Problems and Pricing for a Quick High Sale!

Our Sponsors have food and a Door Prize. Especially Tom the Plumber from Boston, Massachusetts. with his great smoked ribs

We're ready to start buttoning up this Project but we're glad to do a Post Mortem where you'll learn
How NOT to handle tough Tenants.
Why the Building Code is important and Easier to comply with UPFRONT.
When to have Back-up contractors.
Rules on Listing a Propert FOR Sale on the MLS.
How to Price a Property for a Quick HIGH sale.

I'll see you tomorrow
PS You've got to Somehow RSVP (email, Voice or Text) for the Door Prize.
Tomorrow Tuesday July 29, 2014 6:30 pm #3 Trask Road, Peabody MA 01960 (a mile from the Springhill suites, our usual meeting place and .3 miles off 128)

I will be in Vegas as my wife is about to have my 4th kids (this time we finally got a girl). I hope you guys have a great turn out at the BBQ. I am going to make it a point to catch up with you on the next MA trip. Take care.

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