Cheyenne, WY Real Estate Investors Meetup

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  • 02/23/14 05:00PM
  • 411 Snyder Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82009
  • Free

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Hello all of you Cheyenne real estate investors, wholesalers, landlords, etc. I am hosting a meet and greet to get to know some of the local people in the business.  I will provide appetizers and refreshments.  Looking forward to meeting all of you!  (Oh and if you Google the address and see a boarded up house on street view, that's the one but it should look a little different by then.)

Updated almost 4 years ago

UPDATE** The house we are meeting at is still under construction so please where closed toe shoes and clothes you don't mind if they get dusty. I just thought it might be fun to meet at a house in the middle of renovations.

Updated almost 4 years ago

Update** By the way under construction means no heat and no restroom facilities.

Updated almost 4 years ago

Refreshments and appetizers will not be served and there will be no where to sit. I have a couple of camp chairs but if you want to sit you need to bring your own chair. Sorry I really thought we would be farther along and have things a little more orga

Great to find others in Cheyenne on here! I'm new, but would like to attend your meet and greet and hopefully start learning more about the various things of the business. I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the Cheyenne REI Family.

Sincerely, Isaac

I am looking forward to attending also!

I will be there. Thanks for setting it up.

I will be there. Thanks for the invite

I would love to attend, but Mondays don't work well. Are they always on Monday? I am excited about the Cheyenne market...

@Mindy Jensen  , this first meeting will just be a meet and greet!  We can all discuss what days work the best and go from there. I would be happy to meet up with you after the event to discuss what we talked about.  

Thanks for setting this up.

I would love to attend but didn't have Cheyenne in my keyword alert so missed your announcement. I've now fixed that. The third Monday is also the Denver Meetup date so I would prefer to have it another date if it's all the same to you. 

Keep posting back for future meetings and I'll work to attend. 

Ok @Bill S. we will keep that in mind.  I really didn't intend on having on a Monday but I was looking at the wrong month when I picked the date.  Sorry, I meant to send you a personal email but just didn't get to it!  I would happy to visit with you afterwards and get any input you have about meetings and let you know what others were saying.  

@Cheryl Packham  - thanks. Let me know where things are headed for the future. One thing to consider if the group is small is to make it more of a mastermind group. It then becomes a place where the attendees can use the collective wisdom of the group to propel themselves forward in their investing career.

@Bill S. , great thought!  After I talk to the people this evening, I will prepare some ideas and get your input.  

Great meetup tonight!  Thank you for all who were able to make it.  We had some great discussion even if we were freezing cold and had no place to sit.  (Someone should really talk to the organizer about that).  I look forward to hosting the next meeting.  (Hopefully someplace with warmth and chairs).  I will let all of you know about the next meeting and I look forward to meeting those of you I haven't had the pleasure.  

Thanks again Cheryl for organizing our first of hopefully many meetups!  The time flew by and we did have some great discussions.  I look forward to the next one.  It was great to meet you all tonight.

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