One of the biggest question I get asked is not about FLIPPING a house, it is about BUYING a house.

When someone plans to Flip Houses, the biggest question I get is "Should I buy the house under my name or create a business entity?"

Recently there has been an abundance of those questions so that prompted me to call upon one of my Power Team members, Attorney Meaghan Hatch to discuss a few of my strategies at our next House Flipping School MeetUp on Thursday February 26th.


  • How to choose the proper corporate structure
  • How to control the Purchase from the P&S to Close
  • The importance of a title examination
  • What Title Insurance is and why it benefits you
  • and Much More!!!

MeetUp Information:

  • When: February 26th, 2015
  • Where: Radisson Hotel Plymouth, 180 Water Street
  • Room: Kingston / Duxbury Room Main Floor (2nd)
  • Time: Networking Starts at 6:30
  • Parking: Park behind or on the side of the Hotel