Diversified Investors Group – South Philadelphia Sub Group

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  • 03/23/15 06:53AM
  • Famous Dave’s BBQ - 1936 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard Philadelphia, PA
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Diversified Investors Group – South Philadelphia Sub Group

Famous Dave’s BBQ - 1936 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard Philadelphia, PA 4th Monday of the Month 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Speaker & Discussion: Bill Kratz - The Soldier Real Estate Team Soldier Real Estate 2424 E. York St. Suite 213 Philadelphia, PA 19125 (267) 770-1168

In this presentation you will discover…
-Why every newbie wholesaler needs a mentor & how you can get one ABSOLUTELY FREE!
-The “TOP SECRET” & most heavily guarded marketing secrets of the most successful wholesalers!
-How to build a buyer’s list from 0 to over 28,000 in less than 1 day!
-The one weapon that most wholesaler’s overlook & by adding it to your wholesaling arsenal you could ...potentially generate tens of thousands in additional income this year!
-The 3 “CARDINAL SINS” that most newbie wholesalers make when getting started & how to avoid them!
-How correct the one “GRAVE MISTAKE” that most experienced wholesalers make when marketing Properties!
-How to LEGALLY maneuver around the dreaded double transfer tax issue
-Plus plenty of time to ask any questions that have been burning a hole in your mind. The speaker says the night is yours! Be sure to write them down & have each one answered by Philadelphia’s wholesaling aficionado.

***Question for you…What good is a mechanic with no tools? Answer…About as good a wholesaler with NO contracts! That’s why everyone who attends this meeting will receive a FREE COPY OF THE 2 PAGE AGREEMENT OF SALE THAT I USE FOR ALL OF MY WHOLESALE DEALS!!!

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