Seattle, Washington Meet-up (3/3/16 Wednesday 6:15pm)

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A little last minute but I'm putting together a small meetup for other passive investors in Seattle. It's a little tricky to hit a max headcount of 8 with the flake-y nature of Meetup, but I really wanted to get into the nuts and bolts of our topics and foster genuine relationship/networking that is only possible with a small group. Please no brokers, agents, wholesellers, or wholesellers posing as investors (you know who you are).

Before I start restricting membership, charging membership buy-ins to keep the tire kickers away, and asking a million pre-membership questions, I wanted to leave an open door to the pre-qualified BP Nation. ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME! ;) Just kidding, there will be no sales or Guru pitching.

Maybe we can do spin-off mastermind for more advanced investors if there is interest. But I'm and introvert and I like it when there is less people.

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