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Hi All,

Meetup this Thursday (March 31st) for anyone interested.   Meet local investors and hear an interesting story about using grant money for a down payment and an investors plans for house-hacking his first property in Old Louisville.   We will meet at 6:00 PM.  Hope to see you there.

@Brett K. Hey Brett,How's it going?Is Brook St. A rehab project?I may be in Louisville on Thursday seeing the godson.If so I'll attend.Thanks

Sounds good. Im hoping to make it too. 

@Brett K. , I will plan to attend. I am in the middle of a rehab on a house a few blocks over. I also plan to house-hack once it is complete. Looking forward to meeting.

I should be able to make it. I look forward to meeting everyone!

I will be there.

Hello everyone,

Where is this meeting held at? Not sure if I can attend this one because of school, are these meetings always held during the week or are they on the weekends too?


1381 S. Brook St. 

Bryan it's not a total rehab but there's decent work to be done. Roof within the next two years, foundation strengthened, all windows need repairing, a lot of cracks in plaster that are being dug out, etc.

@Reece O'Bryan This particular one is during the week, but I've got one this weekend right across the river.  


I am also interested in attending, but have a night shift job during the week. I would love to attend any events that are hosted on the weekends, Friday night works too. I am still new to REI and wanting to get my first deal closed in the next few months and could use the energy and experience of other investors to help push me along.

Sounds good I will definitely try and be there.  

@Major Robertson ,Thanks for the response,I appreciate it. I wasn't able to attend,but hope it was a success.I assume it was your project by the response.Good luck and hope you make money on it.Thanks

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