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Hello everyone,

Come meet other local real estate investors in Queens, NY. This is a place for people to exchange ideas and do deals together. This is an opportunity to bring some like minded people together and it is just networking. 

There is parking in this area and you can take the Q53, Q11 or Q54 to get here directly. The closest trains are Forest Hills E, F or you can take the R, M to Woodhaven and then take a bus. 

Panera Bread 7325 Woodhaven Blvd Glendale, NY 11385

Sorry.  When you view the post through the app none of the location, time, etc details show up. Thx. 

I'm interested in attending. Are there experience level requirements?

A bit difficult to reach with public transport for ppl coming from Manhattan without car. Any chance of another location?

@Caden H. There are no experience level requirements! This is for all investors beginning or far along in their career to connect. 

@Dirk S. Hi Dirk I want to test the waters to see how many people will come out to the area. After the first one, I can try to do it in an area that is closer to a train. But there are several buses that stop by in the area. If you PM me, I can provide you with more guidance. 

Oh man I was just there.. didn’t see anyone. Whenever the next one is I’ll be there

I hope I can make the next meet-up, if anyone is interested there is a meet-up tomorrow:


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