Mar 28th CT Real Estate Meet-Up @ Crave in Fairfield 🏠+🍻

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  • 03/28/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • Crave, 52 Sanford St Fairfield, Connecticut 06824
  • Free

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Real Estate Investment meet-up is back at the end of each month.

We have been averaging about 50+/- people each month and quite a diverse group in the real estate industry. Many real estate investors (flippers, buy-and-hold operators, etc.) and other service professionals (lenders, brokers/agents, wholesalers, insurance agents, attorneys, etc.) so it will give you the chance to network with lots of people in all different specialties and a variety of experience from brand new to well seasoned professionals.

Date: Wednesday, Mar 28th @ 7pm! (FYI: We have a non-compete with the holidays for the last Wed. in Nov. & Dec. and therefore don't meet then.:))

Location: Crave, 52 Sanford St, Fairfield, Connecticut 06824

Time: 7PM mingle. At 7:45pm we go around room to introduce everyone so you can let everyone know what you do and who you would like to meet at the event (brokers, lenders, wholesalers, investors, attorneys, insurance agents, and more.)

No Cost: It's FREE! Okay it's almost free - please make sure to buy (lots of) drinks and food from the bar.

Happy investing!
Organizers: Jonathan Makovsky & Travis Previosi

great event. I have met some really interesting people.  No deals yet but look forward to buying a few properties from the participating wholesalers.

@Fernando Diaz ah cool great feedback Fernando... Indeed it's all about the deals...  Also, you do know that you can be the wholesaler you're self-right and get the properties without middleman fees?  

Just go to courthouses and get the list of folks who fighting with their tenants and contact them direct... simple as that, heck there is one Stamford small court next to Duncan Donuts in Stamford...

Or my better favorite strategy is to contact court clerks directly... team up with them across the entire area of Westchester and Fairfield county... and take them out for coffee, use the secret art of pivoting to dive into their mindset.

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