Ballston Investor Club - Networking and..Multifam Investor speake

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  • 04/04/19 07:00PM - 08:30PM America/New_York
  • Cowork Cafe is a shared workspace and a coffee house , Cowork Cafe, 2719 Wilson Blvd Arlington, Virginia 22201
  • Free

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For our next meeting, we have a speaker that will share his experiences buying and selling multifamily properties and SFHs.

Join us for an informal meeting of real estate investors that are from the DC area. This group is for people that want to be active in real estate investing and want to give and take ideas, suggestion, and network with like-minded individuals. There will never be any sales pitch, nor a cost to join.

This is a monthly meeting, the first Thursday of the month.

At our next meeting we have have Jeff Frantz speaking. Jeff is a commercial real estate executive working with dstressed assets and loans, loan origination, underwriting, tax liens, real estate portfolio sales and acquisitions. Focus and experience in tax lien and distressed real estate portfolio sales, consulting and management.

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