Join us 10/7 from 4pm-5:30pm (and we usually hang around for a while after talking story) to network, learn, and grow your business! To attend, first click the blue button towards the top of this page that says "Attend event'" (this is important! It will keep count of how many people plan to attend so we can be sure to have enough openings for all attendees to call in), then at the time of the event, click the link below to join our investors meetup networking event from your laptop or smart phone.

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Maui Home Buyers is currently looking for deals on Maui! If you think you have a deal, email [email protected] to dicsuss. I'll help you analyze the numbers and confirm if it's a deal you can flip or wholesale. If it is a deal, we will buy it from you, as we're looking for our next few flips on Maui. 

Maui Home Buyers is also looking for someone to join our team! We have a constant flow of leads, but not enough man power to follow up on them all. We need help screening the leads, but mostly we need a hardcore SALES person that can meet with the off market sellers that call us, negotiate firmly with them, and CLOSE the sale! (by signing the contract with the seller at a discount). The ideal candidate will have experience as a succesful sales person, and ideally some experience in the real estate world, although this is not required as long as you have an interest in REI and are hungry to learn. We are a team of young investors including myself and the infamous @Brandon Turner that have been succesful in REI by working hard and being committed to success, you should be too! Email [email protected] with your work experience and goals to be considered. This is not a salaried position, you'll be paid either via assignment fees for each deal or by profit share on each flip completed.