Property Tax Estimates: Lauderdale County (Florence area)

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Hi All- I've a relative who has relocated to the Florence area and is looking at the investing there.  I offered to do some research for them around their pro-forma templates and one of the items that I'm missing is a % for the tax estimate.   E.G. I live in Florida and I estimate anywhere from 2% to 2.25% on the acquired value for my pro-formas.  Nothing I hate more than a nasty tax bill surprise.  In certain counties in Florida we also have a tax estimator calculator on the county website  (which often seems high but I'd rather be high than low).

I trolled the county's website and couldn't find a tax estimator.  I'm extremely reticent for them to follow the advice of the agent as in my personal experience I've rarely had an agent or broker suggest an appropriate tax estimate (nor should they) and often I've heard them quote previous assessed value taxes and that's not accurate as we all know.

Any guidance anyone may have for a % on property taxes would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

It varies depending on the community. Here is the link to the millage rates for different cities in Lauderdale County, and the county at large:

You start with the tax appraised value.  Multiply by 10% if the property is owner occupied residential, to reach the assessed value. If it is rental property or commercial, you multiply the tax appraised value by 20% to reach the assessed value. Then multiply the assessed value by the millage rate to obtain the gross taxes. Then you apply the exemptions (such as homestead, which is a whopping $47 credit) to reach the taxes due.  You can see prior years' taxes, and the tax appraised values, on the county's GIS website at and the online property tax records, at