Wonderful Jacksonville Fl area contractors/handymen

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Does anyone in northeast Florida have really excellent contractors and/or handymen they can recommend?

I've managed to find one top notch electrician that's my go-to guy for projects large and small, but haven't had much luck in other areas. I think I've hired a different plumber each time I've had a job lately, and still haven't found anybody I'd recommend (or even use more than once.)

Anyone have a great plumber you always call? Go-to HVAC company? Roofer? General contractors?

Hi Sarah,

Unfortunately I'm in Missouri and I have no recommendations for you. However I hope you might help me since you are in Jax. My brother lives in Orange Park and is looking for a landscaper to re-sod his lawn and do some light landscaping. Do you have a referral you can share?

Also we will be looking for a property manager when we rent the home out, hopefully, by September. Any recommendations?

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@Todd Jackson  

Yes, actually I married one! lol

But as far as contractors are concerned, I've hired many but only found a few I'd recommend.

Marvin Carter is my go-to electrician. About a month ago he came out to a property I was trying to buy, at night, in the rain, to fix some issues that came up during appraisal that the seller certainly wasn't going to take care of. Totally saved my bacon! Works hard, does excellent work, has a can-do attitude, and doesn't charge an arm and a leg. 904-962-4254

Florin Princopie - he refinishes hardwood floors. Always does a great job, reasonable prices. 904-716-1672

Freddy with Thomas Painting and Pressure Washing. Does a great job, doesn't charge too much. I've hired him to paint the exterior of three of my properties. 904-708-9959

BTW I had Marvin's contact info in my previous post but it was deleted by a moderator. So if the contact info in this message disappears, just send me a message and I'll send it to you that way.

Hey Sarah,

Thank you for the reply and congrats!  I am about to purchase my first couple of properties in Jax.  I lived there for years, but now I'm in south Florida... I'm priced out of the market down here so I am focusing in Jacksonville since I am familiar with the area.  It sounds like you manage all of yours... Are you familiar with any good PMs in Jacksonville?  Thanks again for the reply and I hope you had a good New Year!


I second Jeff's recommendation for B-Cool.  They went out same day and installed a temporary fix, and had the new unit installed  and the warranty registered early the next week, all at $1000 less than my property manager had quoted.  Quick, painless and professional, even over the phone from Phoenix, AZ

Fabulous to know that Bigger Pockets is such a great resource for getting things done.

Thanks everyone for their recommendations. I will be needing different GCs for a rehab coming up. Not sure if I'll need them, but it's nice to have them ready, just in case.

Thank you so much for sharing your contacts. It is very reassuring to have the word of mouth reference especially when you are trying to venture into a new market as I am. It is very difficult to find people you can trust will provide the service you hire them for. Recommendations are not guarantees but if they have done a good job in the past for some one, they are likely to repeat their performance.

I for one am collecting these names and numbers and really appreciate getting them. I'm abroad so my time in country during the summer goes very quickly and having to look for trades people in such short time feels like the search for the needle in the haystack.

Ok I have a few new ones to add:

Lek with Cool-R-Us (heating and air conditioning) - I've hired him three times in the past year for A/C system repairs. They're SUPER busy so they can't always do a repair the same day, but he does quality work and prices are in-line with what others charge in the area.

Also I finally found a good handyman!! Yay!! Joe Nordin 3845089. Hired him to install a garage door, and a few other small jobs. He's very meticulous and prices seem reasonable.

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@Pyrrha Rivers  Anytime and good luck! Good help is hard to find - I've been struggling with it for several years now so anything I can do to help other people avoid the same pitfalls is time well spent. Wish that help had been there for me! oh well. Live and learn.

@Dan Wynn I usually subcontract my jobs to save money (also maybe I'm a bit of a control freak lol).

However I have heard a lot of good things about Centerbeam Contracting - I've seen several of their recent jobs in Riverside area - top-quality work. Not familiar with their prices though.