Lawyer in FL with Solo 401K and State License(Not RE agent) exp.

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I just bought a 9 unit building in the City of Daytona Beach, and I need a lawyer who understands what is needed to get the State License and Occupational Licenses for my Solo 401K Trust. The State and City people cannot give me advice, and I am not sure if I have to open another LLC in Florida, or what, and the forms I have received don't seem to make sense for my purchase.

Thank you so much.


P.S. in another thread someone mentioned a lawyer named Harold, and I contacted their offices and they do not handle this type of issue.

Dmitriy, yes through my Solo 401K Trust.

Today I was able to find out how to fill out the State License PDF for transferring the current Business License to my Trust and get the fees. I think when that is finished with the State that I then have to go to the City of Daytona Beach and get an Occupational License, either created or transferred like the Business License for the property. I also sent Bob a PM.

Thanks for the quick responses


Linda Schoonover was a judge and is now an attorney and a realtor.  She works in real estate law as well as trusts and probate.  I don't know if she can help you, but you can pm me for her contact information.

Originally posted by @Dmitriy Fomichenko :

What do you mean "transfer current business license to my trust"? From you personally? 

Previous owner that I bought the property from. They have the license for the property at the state from the Hotels and Restaurants Licensing department which also does Non-Transient Apartment buildings above 4 units. So that license is good till April 2017 and it is a transfer from the old owner to my Solo 401K.


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