Looking to network on MF deals in/around Georgia

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Hey all I've been brokering deals for some time for clients but would now like to get in on some deals of my own. I do know that in town Atlanta prices are through the roof so I prefer to venture outside of Atlanta. Outside of of looking at deals listed online, what other suggestions do y'all have? Possible off-market?

Thanks for any advice and I look forward to receiving some knowledge!

Hey @Hassan Tomeh , so I live in Gwinnett, but do all my investing down in Macon, Ga where I own 36 units due to the higher price points in Atlanta like you are stating. I remember years ago analyzing many deals and not being able to yield the returns I was looking for until I ventured out where there were less investors and I could hit my COC returns. As you know being a broker, it's all about building those relationships and letting other brokers/banks know what you are looking for. I get on the phone all the time with these individuals looking for deals and I also "drive for dollars" and actually working on a off market 36 unit deal down in Macon as well that I found driving around. That's what my Saturday morning usually consist of with my property manager to find that next deal just hustling and taking action. I would also recommend using the calculators to analyze as many deals as you can in various metro areas to get a feel for the returns. I used to use these calculator which are awesome, but have built my own financial model to help with my analysis and presenting for potential investors that I would highly recommend as well so it's tailored for your needs. I hope this helps and if I can be of any additional assistance I would love to help out just let me know!

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