Recommendation for Brokers in McHenry County & Lake County, IL

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Hello all, 

I am looking for recommendations/referrals for real estate agents or real estate brokers that you have had success with in McHenry County, IL & Lake County, IL? I am looking at commercial properties and am looking for professionals who understand the market for both multi-family and office/light industrial in the above mentioned counties. I am looking to sell and buy some properties in the near future.

If you have any recommendations/referrals, please share!

Thank you in advance.

I like to know your opinion and advice regarding the below two locations in IL.


Saint Monica Dr

Cahokia, IL,62206


Saint John Dr

Cahokia, IL 62206

I would like to know which location is better to buy a rental property and hold on to it for cash flow ? Better location and easy to rent to quality tenants.