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Direct Mail Campaign
Hello everyone, I'm preparing my first direct mail campaign in the Chicagoland area.  My budget has allowed for 12,000 mailers over a 6 month period (2,000 per month) with repeat mailings.  My idea is to target... View more
seeking to network with women investors
don't know enough women investors so am seeking to connect with women investors in chicago and surrounding suburbs. Let's connect and see how we can help ea other out 
Newbie from NW Suburbs looking to Network
Hello Everyone!I hope everyone is off to a great start in 2021. It has taken me a few months, but here goes my first post on BP. One of my goals is to connect with more local investors in the NW suburbs area. My Fiancé... View more
Anyone invest in the Illinois Valley, LaSalle-Peru Area
Just curious to see if anyone else is investing in this area.  Kind of a small place but with dirt cheap housing.   If anyone works in this area there might be opportunity for collaboration or at least war-story exchange.
Seeking help with Comps with 12 Prop Portfolio in Kankakee, IL
Hello BP family,I am in the process of buying a portfolio with 12 properties (7 Single-Family Rentals, 1 Duplex, 1 Triplex, 1 Fiveplex) located throughout Kankakee, IL, and need assistance with comps in the local area... View more
Just Passed RE Exam in IL! Looking to make connections!
Hey BG RE Agents/Brokers, I am excited to say, 'I passed my RE Exam in IL'!  Who ever said it was easy, is wrong!  It was hard for sure.  Super happy I passed. I am now excited to start my RE journey.  My first order... View more
Short Term Rental Agreement
Hi All,I didn't see anything when I looked but I apologize if this has been addressed.  I currently have an Airbnb guest who booked for 28 days which here in Illinois is still a short term rental. He booked through... View more
I am looking for some mentor-type investors/wholesalers in the Chicago area. REI will be a part time endeavor for a few years while I continue my career in advertising. I have a great background with companies like... View more
Peoria IL Networking
I am a real estate investor in Peoria with one duplex and one single family home so far but want to keep growing. Looking to connect with some other real estate investors in the area!
BRRRRing in St Clair Co IL
I am looking towards retirement in a few years and like the BRRRR concept. I hear a lot of people on BP buying property even duplex's for around $30k. Can anyone tell me what their rehab consisted of in this price... View more
I am on hold for buying any other properties in the USA
Venezuela outlawed ownership of more than 2 properties. The rest the government stole. Living in Illinois (currently) I am concerned about taxes. All my renters are working and on time with rents. The exodus out of... View more
% Down on Duplex, What is normal or possible in your experience?
What is the realistic minimum amount down on a duplex? Does that change with FHA loan? I've read that theoretically, one could put down as little as 3.5% but the lenders I've spoken with have said a duplex requires... View more
Looking for Real Estate Accountant/CPA
Happy New Year.  I am looking for an accountant/CPA who deals with real estate investing and understands depreciation and 1031 exchanges.  If they are located in the Chicagoland area, that would be an added bonus but... View more
Zion Property Mortgage market
Hello,I am looking for info from those who may have purchased property in Zion, IL in the past year or so (which I expect few actually have).  An owner of mine is leaving the business and selling off all his interests... View more
Connecting with fellow investors in the Illinois valley area
Hi I live in the Illinois valley area. I was just seeing if there was anyone on here that lives in or near this area to possibly talk real estate and the market in this area. I am excited in talking potential... View more
Rental Market Data for LaSalle County, IL (Ottawa, specifically)
Hello BP Members,I am a new investor looking to get started in SFH and / or a Duplex investment in the LaSalle County region (specific focus in the town of Ottawa). In my research so far, I have had a hard time... View more
Looking to connect with investors in Chicagoland area
Hello, I am from Bolingbrook, IL but currently live in Washington, DC and wanted to invest out of state in the Chicagoland Area(mostly in the Bolingbrook, Naperville, Aurora, Lisle area). I am looking to connect with... View more
Oppose Dec 15th Cook County Landlord Tenant Ordinance vote
There is a nasty Cook County Landlord Tenant Ordinance is being voted on December 15th and even worse than the Chicago one! Act now before its too late!Please contact your Cook County Commissioner and let them know... View more
Illinois purchase agreement
Hey fellow investors! I'm looking to submit an offer on an off market deal in Illinois.  This will be my first time NOT using a realtor.  Does anyone have a purchase agreement that they use in Illinois that they are... View more
Illinois: Hard Money lending under 75k
Hello BP. My partners and I have a contract on a property which has a tenant in place. We will be holding the property as a long term rental (and plan to leave the tenant in place). Can anyone recommend a HM company... View more
Cook county landlords stop the crazy new tenant landlord law!!!
COOK COUNTY LANDLORDS! Something worse than the Chicago RTLO is being voted on soon that would apply to ALL of Cook adopts all the requirements of Chicago’s RLTO AND the following: a) Limits late fees to... View more
Building Supply Dealers in/around Champaign IL
Anyone have recommendations on building suppliers in/near Champaign? Primarily looking for a window dealer I can develop a relationship with, but any other suggestions would be helpful. I'd like to step away from the... View more

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