Finish a Basement in St. Louis Park, MN - Need a Contractor

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Hi All,

I'm looking for a reputable contractor to finish off the basement for my duplex.  The basement is 850 ft^2, I want to add a bedroom with an egress window, finish the other off as a family room, and possibly add a bathroom depending on if I will have room for it in my budget. I also have to replace the existing gravity furnace and have the ductwork removed so that I can have space to finish off the basement. 

Can anyone recommend a solid contractor in the Twin Cities Metro Area who I can get an estimate from? 

I will be closing on my duplex on the 14th of December (next Thursday) and would like to be proactive about this so I can move into the duplex sooner than later. 



Interesting, not a lot of duplexes for sale in that area.  A couple of the city inspectors can be a PITA  but a few of them are nice.  Make sure whomever you use is going to pull all the permits.  Unless things have changed SLP does their own plumbing, electrical, and building inspections which can save some hassles.

I don't have any contractors I can pass you as we were building on sweat equity back then. If you get no help the city likely lists contractors but you could ask the building department if they will recommend anyone.  Most wont but one thing is for sure, they wouldn't recommend someone they don't like.

@John Woodrich thanks! I want to put in some sweat equity however this is all pretty new to me so I want to make sure it's done right and with the correct permits. 

Rogue Arc just did some work in my basement today repairing a wall. I have hired them for some other work. Full disclosure ..they are friends.  Licensed and based in Minneapolis but have done work all over the metro.

I also really like TLC remodeling. They do excellent work.

@Josh Cook contractors are hard to find and often you need several since their workload will vary and they won't be available when you need them.  Since you are only a week from closing you are already behind as most contractors won't be able to start for weeks after they complete a bid and getting a bid can take 1-2 weeks.  It might make sense to join Angie's List so that you can access a large list of peer-reviewed contractors.

I will agree with Tim, good contractors are hard to find.  I am not crazy about the granite guy we use but he does good work and is reasonable.  You just know if he says he will be there on Monday he is going to cancel, then say Tuesday, and you hope to get him in by the end of the week!

There is a shortage of skilled labor, hopefully you can find someone who doesn't have a lot of winter work.