North/South Jackson for Cash flow any advice

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I'm a UK investor ( based in Manchester ) and have been investing for cash flow in the US for the last seven years. I have properties in Michigan and Ohio both which have done well ( on the whole ) for cash flow. I have have been looking at some deals in North/South Jackson, MS ( with financing options ). 

The areas are MS 39204, MS 39206, MS 39212, MS 39204 & MS 39206. Just wondered if anybody could give me any advice on these areas. They are single family homes ( 3 bed a bath ) in the price region of $40 to $60k with rental amounts of between $650 - $850. Any advice of these areas or Jackson generally would be greatly appreciated.






Mark, I invest in the same zip codes that you mentioned and would be happy to speak with you regarding the specifics of the local market.  Send me your contact info.

I have owned a few hundred in those zip codes.  my advice for anyone who does not live in the area is to concentrate on North  Jackson and the east side of hwy 55.. these will garner the better tenants and will perform better for an out of state investor.. little more money but much safer.

you get into the wrong street in south Jackson and you are out of country.. it can be pretty tough

I wrote an e book on what to look out for when your out of country.

if you go to turnkey reivews website you can down load it for free..

Hi David - thanks for the quick reply have sent you an invite. 

Hi Jay - thank you will download. Funnily enough i was on the turnkey reviews podcast ( show 13 ) !!

Thanks Again 

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