NJ Rehabbers - Where Are You Getting Bathroom Vanities?

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@Ryan H.

Hey Ryan. May depend on location and contacts that can get you best discounts. As well as whether normal projects or high-end. I personally use Home Depot for almost everything because of the accumulated discounts I get. You can get 20-30% off between in-store and affiliate discounts. Aside, purchase over $1000 material and they discount further. 

Hope that helps.

Depending on how far you are willing to travel, you can try PA Home Store (pahomestore.com), Heeby's (heebys.com) (mostly RTA but good quality), or you can try a surplus liquidation auction, such as

(surplusliquidatorsauction.hibid.com/). I've gotten great products from the auction ... 

Look up Vanities Unlimited on Facebook. They have a warehouse in Chatham. They sell really nice looking vanities with marble countertops and soft close drawers. The stuff looks like dynamite and I've put them in several rentals. They're cheaper than any other comparable vanity you'll find online.