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Is this a good deal?
Hi all, I am new here to Bigger Pockets. I have been searching for ways to gain some financial freedom in my life and have recently decided I want to use real estate investing to do so. I have been studying bigger... View more
Investor Friendly Title Companies in Ocean County
Hey everyone,I'm very new to all of this and I'm just trying slowly piece things together and I'm now at the point of trying to find title companies that can handle assignment of contracts in Ocean County, NJ.If anyone... View more
Stuck Beginner investor
Hello Everyone,I am a newbie investor looking to invest in buy & hold in Central Jersey in the 200k-350k range with a minimum of $200 monthly return and an 8% coc.I have this mapped out but I cannot seem to... View more
Refinancing which is best?
Hey! Around 13 months ago I bought a small single family home which I proceeded to do a small renovation to (gut the kitchen) and get rented out successfully. I am now looking at refinancing the home for the purposes... View more
Subject-To Real Estate Attorney - New Jersey
Hello All, I am looking for an attorney with experience doing subject-to and creative financing deals. I am located in South Jersey so anyone who services this area and comes with a good reputation I am interested in... View more
Looking for Central NJ Real Estate Savvy CPA's
Hi all! Just stepping my foot into the real estate industry (house flipping) and am looking for contacts primarily in the central NJ area as I'm starting off. Can anyone recommend any local CPA's/Accountants and/or... View more
Looking for an investor-oriented broker - Bergen County
I'm looking for a broker who can help me find and analyze properties in Bergen County. I own my home but this would be my first investment--looking at either a condo or a small 2-family. If you have good recs, please... View more
What are the Best Towns in NJ for Multifamily Investing?
Hi BiggerPockets Community! Happy New Years! I currently live in Bergen county and am trying to live in one of the units and rent out the other unit. Looking for a safe neighborhood with the ease of renting out at... View more
Looking for an investment opportunity within Central Jersey?
I'm a first home buyer looking for a property where the town is being gentrified. As far type of property, I'm looking at condos, townhouses and single family homes. Within the 3 year plan is to move out of the... View more
Stuck Beginner investor
Hello Staten Island Investors, I'm a newbie looking for some input on where to go and what to do right now.  I would greatly appreciate if someone could provide some sort of input on the Staten Island market and
Reno estimate for 2br apt in North Jersey 30k?
Hi all, I am analyzing a deal for a 2BR 1Ba apt in North NJ and plan to renovate kitchen, bathroom and some flooring, maybe open a small wall connecting kitchen to living space, plan to save cabinets in the kitchen... View more
Camden, NJ Investments
Hey BP fam! I've been reading and soaking up knowledge for quite some time and I'm completely ready to dive in. I have looked into a few markets but I now have my heart set on Camden, NJ. The barrier of entry seems... View more
First Investment Property/HouseHack Advice Needed
Hi! I am looking to purchase a multifamily home in central/north jersey while living in one of the units. I am considering anywhere really between Bergen county to Plainfield. I am considering 3/4 unit homes as those... View more
Experienced House Hackers in North Jersey
Hi,I am a new real estate investor looking to purchase my first deal which will be a house hack. I have been spending some lately educating myself. I currently am not a homeowner and living rent-free. I am looking for... View more
Best markets to invest in Central NJ
Hello BP community,I am a rookie investor looking for multi-family properties in Central NJ market that I can house hack for a year or so.  I am also looking for a property that I can add value to with some sweat... View more
Price Reduction for Bad Tenant
I'm in contract to purchase a 2 unit occupied property at the Jersey Shore for $485,000, which I offered to buy based on receiving both units vacant (so I could do short-term summer rentals).  I learned today that the... View more
Corporate structure attorney in New Jersey
Hey BiggerPockets,Currently looking for recommendations on a Corporate structure attorney in NJ who specializes in business matters. (S-corps, LLC's, shareholder agreements, employee contracts, etc.)Any referrals would... View more
Jersey Shore Monthly/Weekly Summer Rental Processes
Hi All,I wanted to connect to local Jersey Shore property owners who rent out their units in the Summer for Monthly or Weekly rental options and see what processes you use and how you created efficiencies in your... View more
Multifamily Zoning Home convert to a duplex
Hi, I am currently located in Fair Lawn, NJ. My home is considered a Multifamily Zoning. We are a single family home, and I want to renovate my home, and turn it into a duplex. (First Project) Considering this is a... View more
FENCE/GATE - Space between 2 row-houses
I own a home in Jersey City, NJ.  One side of the home is attached to other homes, but one side is not.  There is approx a 4 foot space between my home and the row-house next to it.  When I purchased the home 5 years... View more
NJ Multifamily Zoning Home convert to a duplex
Hi, I am currently located in Fair Lawn, NJ. My home is considered a Multifamily Zoning. We are a single family home, and I want to renovate my home, and turn it into a duplex. (First Project) Considering this is a... View more
Paterson Real Estate Forum
Hello everybody I'm a new investor in Paterson, NJ. I'm motivated to build my portfolio and really clean up some of the Paterson areas where people seem to forget about. Thanks!!

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