NYC Program that pays 1 full year of rent

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NYC's Human Resource Administration (Public Assistance)  has a program called S.O.T.A (Special One Time Assistance) specifically for employed people whom live in NYC shelter system. (Most of the people fell upon hard times and are working and need to find an apartment. Similar to any applicant you have good people and negative people.) Due to the excessive demand of shelter in NYC the city had to develop strategic programs to assist people with moving out of shelter and with the explosion of rent prices in NYC many people are looking to other cities close to NYC such as Newark, Irvington, Jersey City, etc.. to find apartments they can afford. 

To qualify for S.O.T.A. apartment seekers must earn at least twice as much as the amount of the rent of the apartment they are applying for. For example if the rent is $1,000.00 per month they applicant must provide proof of income of at least $2,000.00 per month. Landlords can conduct credit and background checks and have applicants submit  pay stubs and any other qualifications they may require of any applicant. 

The city will require a few pictures of the apartment to make sure it is live-able and once a lease is signed and submitted to HRA, they will verify the applicants income, and it will take up to 10 business days for NYC HRA to write a check for the total amount of the 1 year lease. 

For example if the monthly rent is  $1,400.00 NYC HRA will write 4 checks of $4,200 each which is a total of $16,800 (the yearly rent). They will not issue a security deposit check they will only give you a voucher letter to submit a claim. I think it will be a very long process to be reimbursed for any security deposit claim. There also isn't a clear guide if you need to evict the tenant during their lease how and if you have to reimburse NYC's HRA. 

NYC is vested into this program because they want to reduce the recidivism of people leaving and coming back into shelter. 

If anyone is interested I have a contact person who can provide more information. 

Someone reached out to me regarding this program and i thought it was a scam. Do you have personal experience with the program? If so, Please let us know how it went and if they are any negatives to the program.

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I would not work with NYC government. I had a homeless family destroy my kitchen and it was an absolute bear to get the Department of Homeless Services to help. I also had a Section 8 tenant that I had to evict and again, no help from the city. The city simply won't help you when things go wrong. It isn't worth it in this environment.

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I currently rent to someone who qualified for this program. It looked fishy at first but I did a google search and it seem legit.  I got 4 checks totaling a year worth of rent upfront . So far the tenant has been one of the best tenant I have had. I remember her reasoning for choosing my apartment was for its proximity to the train station. 

Sounds like very high risk for the landlord to me. Difficult likely to get rid of bad tenants and paperwork night mare. I personally will not do business with the government. They are not trustworthy and do not care about consequences. I would stick to my normal business practices as opposed to accepting bribes to house unqualified applicants.

This program aims to shift social and financial responsibilies to other counties and states as recidivism is high. Upfront rent seeks to lower barrier of entry but risk of ruin is high. After careful consideration I passed on the opportunity. 

Originally posted by @Lynda Lloyd :

What happens if there is damage to your property and there is no security?

I have experience with this and the program also gives the landlord a security voucher. You can use it if there's damage to the apartment.

The S.O.T.A program works well, and is a good option to get a tough to rent vacancy filled if you invest in a low income area.The process of getting the deal done with them is pretty simple but pack your patience though if you get a bad case worker, you'll need it.

So in NYC people making over $24,000 a year from stable employment have to live in Homeless Shelters (???)

In California hoards of poor and dirty Homeless people live in the streets with no stable employment some getting some form of welfare and many just begging.

This is such a problem.....

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