Contractor in Trenton Area for Add-On Consultation

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Hey all - I'm looking to close in on my next investment property in Ewing. I have an idea of rehab costs, but I want an actual number from a vetted source so I can go back to deal analysis and come up with my offer price. Based on the current description of the property (haven't checked it out yet), I'm looking to add about 400-800 square feet of space through a bedroom, a full bathroom, and maybe another common area. Looking to get an offer under contract by the end of next week at the latest, hopefully this week. Going to check out the property Tuesday, and would be open to meeting with the contractor at the property then, Wednesday, or Thursday. Goal is to get pro-forma ready by Friday and start capital commitments then.

Anyone have a good contractor in mind or is a contractor that would be able to meet and do a consultation with me?

Also, if anyone is looking for a passive investment opportunity and is looking to build their wealth through real estate, feel free to reach out to me. This is exclusively a passive income investment and in return I charge a small fee.

Thanks BP Fam!