Great meetings in Fayetteville, NC this week

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My partner and I invest in the Fayetteville, NC area, but we both live in CA.  I was in town for business and to visit family, so I reached out to a few BP locals to see if we could meet up and introduce ourselves.

First off, I met with @Jerome Bell, Sr. , who was very generous with his time.  We hit it off right away, probably because of our bald heads and love for travel.

Then, I met with @Stephen Tupper for a brief introduction.  The meeting was short and sweet, but I feel we can do some business together in the future.

Last, I met with @Alexander Felice at Happy Hour.  We both work for banks as our day job, so we had plenty of client stories to share.  We shared a common vision and strategy for what we want our real estate businesses to look like down the road.

The point of this post is to do a little research on BP to see who's in the town that you're traveling to.  You may or may not find some opportunities to do business, but you'll certainly meet some great people who you can bounce ideas off of in the future.

Was really great to meet you my friend. 

As I said at dinner I think posting on BP and being active is so valuable. We never would have linked up had I just been lurking and not posting. Look forward to our paths crossing  again and hopefully sharing some profits in the future. 

Hey Lee, it was definitely the bald heads that got us going.  I believe in the "power of positive thinking" and your an example of the positive people I try to interact with, so thank you for the positive energy.  I will definitely keep in touch, thanks for stopping by !!!


I go to all the REIA Meetings. Let me know if there is anything you need me to do to help you along your way.

Thank you

Hi folks, posting here to get more info about Fayetteville. I'm located near Seattle but we are buying a pool of REOs and one is located in Fayetteville. Is Fayetteville a decent area for flipping and/or owning rentals? We intend just sell these off to local investors who are looking to flip or hold as a rental. Any info on that local market is appreciated.



@Bob Malecki  - Fayetteville is a great market for rentals AND flipping. The military market here is hot for rentals because of those who can't buy or they don't see a need to buy.  We come across them often since our RE company also handles property management.  The rehab market is great as well.  We focus on buying those homes that are easily affordable by the majority so there will be no lag in selling time. It's a great time with the upcoming Spring market.  If I can assist, please let me know.  Wishing you well.

Hey @Bob Malecki , we've done better with rentals than we have with flips over the past couple of years. We've found the average buyer market is $100-$130k, but you need to have some "wow" factor in your flips in order to have them move well. A fresh coat of paint and new carpet isn't going to work unless you're willing to take a discount to ARV.

As @Latonia Parks said, with the heavy military influence on the population, rentals do very well.

I'd love to see what type of inventory you'll have to sell.  I'll send you a private message so we can exchange contact info.

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