Any mobile home investing laws particular to NC ?

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Hi all,

Are there any laws, ordinances, etc, that are particular to mobile home purchase and sale in NC? I was wondering where, if any, I might find them. I'm hoping to keep them in mind when buying or selling mobile homes and avoid running afoul of the laws of my current state to which I've recently returned.


The DMV handles the title to the home unless it is declared real estate and becomes a permanent fixture with the land.  Tax bills are different as well for the MH.

Thanks Rachel. I'll be sure to check with the 2 organizations you referenced. After some research there I should feel confident that I'm starting out on the right foot. 

Thanks for the info Rick. It'll certainly be helpful to know during this endeavor. I'll look into how an MH gets declared real estate and becomes a permanent fixture.

Varies by county as well. My real estate agent told me that Onslow County has a moratorium on new mobile homes (which would explain the explosion in RV parks).