How do I get motivated sellar lists in North Carolina?

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Hey everyone. 

I live in North Carolina and my partner and I want to start a direct mail campaign. North Carolina is a non-disclosure state so from what I understand I can't get lists from places like listsource or agentpro247. Im assuming I cannot get lists from the county either if this is the case. Has anyone here tried any direct mail marketing in North Carolina? How do you guys get mailing lists? 

Thank you so much. 

@Mahmoud Y. Elhalawany First, there is no such thing as a "motivated seller's list."  What you are looking to do is to market to owners who are MORE likely to want a quick cash sale than on average, for instance, people who are in pre-foreclosure or who have been in their home for 20  or more years, or people who have inherited a home.  (An interesting anecdote: I once bought a house from a woman who paid cash for the house just two years earlier.  She would land squarely in the camp of those LESS likely to want a quick cash sale.  If she hadn't found me, I never would have found her.)

A quick search of listsource shows that you can indeed get records and a google search tells me being a non-disclosure state simply means the last sale PRICE is not disclosed:

You can definitely use listsource for list in NC.  Although, you won’t find a “motivated sellers list” but can find list for homes purchased X amount of years ago or longer, probate list, pre-foreclosure, etc.  

The direct mail campaigns work but it is a numbers game.  Send enough out and you will find a deal. 

@Mahmoud Y. Elhalawany You can work with a list broker to get some specific criteria. One of the problems with the online systems is that you need to know exactly what you want. You can work with a list broker who can make suggestions.

Like @Brian Corbett suggests, lists can be put together based on motivating characteristics.

Two of the new motivated owner occupied lists are "Seniors with Long-Time Ownership" and "Owners with Low Financial Stability Scores". 


If you get in touch with a local broker they may be able to export you a .csv file from realist that filters information from both the MLS and tax records that you can use as a great targeted mailer list. With stamps being so expensive, the more focused your criteria, the better your ROI. I would search a specific zip code with great projected appreciation, and experiment with reaching out to people with long time ownership and very low LTV. Get creative and throw together a quick CMA estimating their house below market value and you may just get someone to bite.

Hope it helped, and if you need more specifics on what realist is and how it works just let me know.



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