undergrad UNC Real Estate Club - looking for investors!

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Hi everyone! My name is Jonah Pollone, and I'm a student at Carolina and president of the undergrad UNC Real Estate Club, sponsored by the undergraduate business program here at Carolina. As a club, we've traditionally focused on recruiting with large-scale commercial real estate firms, but we think there's a lingering interest by many in our student body wanting to learn more about how to become a successful real estate investor and build wealth, rather than focus on the "corporate" aspect of the business. 

We're looking for successful investors with deals under their belt who could provide some insight into what it takes to be successful in this business. We're open to all kinds of meetups; some we've brainstormed include intimate mastermind sessions over dinner, touring properties in the investor's portfolio, or even a lecture at one of our classrooms! Even a Zoom meeting would be awesome!

If you know anyone who might make sense for me to reach out to, feel free to message me! This could be a great opportunity to network with future dealmakers, and our students have ties with major companies with insights into what makes them successful. We have an engaged student body and are actively growing this segment of the club. Thanks! 

Hey Jonah,  I think you're onto great ideas and I believe you'll learn a lot taking the non-corporate approach that you are taking.  Feel free to contact me directly and I'll be happy to share my experience and help however I can.  Another great resource would be the Triangle apartment association www.triangleaptassn.org Another syndicator local to your area is https://www.prudentgrowth.com and @Paul Moore is full of knowledge and a tiny bit of humor occasionally lol.  I hope I've added value!  

@Jonah Pollone how many people usually show up to these meetings? I could do it depending on what level of experience you’re looking for. I’ve been doing this for a couple years, and have around 10 deals under my belt.

Maybe more interesting to you would be I’m only a couple years older than the likely people who attend this meeting.

If you want to chat more, I’m happy to do that, just shoot me a message here on BP.

Looking forward to it.

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@Jason E. Smith Thanks so much! We're really excited about this new focus of the club; it's never been done before at our school. I appreciate the recommendations; I've heard of the Triangle apartment association, but have not gotten involved yet. Will be sure to look into it more! Will be sure to reach out Prudent Growth and reach out to Paul. Thanks again! 

@Caleb Heimsoth As we've never hosted events before, we're unsure how many students will be interested. We're going to send out an interest form that should give us a bit of an idea for interest from students in a couple of weeks once the semester gets going. In learning from investors such as yourself, honestly I see the meetings as being a bit more intimate, with anywhere from 3-10 people getting together, but we're open to anything as long as the demand makes sense! 

I'd be happy to start a conversation; will message you. I think a look from your perspective as being a similar age will be valuable for our students, showing them how real it is to get started and become successful in this business. Thanks!