Philadelphia- Ever had to evict a tenant?

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Hey guys,

So I think I'm pretty set on starting my rental property adventure in Philadelphia (although one of my partners is very interested in Reading, PA- Philly is better, right!?) and of course I've read the laws on evictions and such, but I'm looking for some firsthand stories of evictions. Was it terrible? Painful? Not that bad? Did it take forever? Of course evictions will be different across the board, but like I said, hit me with some firsthand experience of what you actually dealt with when having to go through the courts to have a tenant evicted, and if it was better or worse than other areas you've invested in. Thank you for any/all info!

I haven't done it yet, but I'm about to. My lawyer charges $650 plus $250 court cost plus I think the sheriffs fee is about $200 and my lawyer said it takes about 30 days

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