Fort Hood/Killeen buy and hold

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Goodmorning BP,

I am a Texas resident currently out of state, and I am interested in buying in Killeen. From what I have seen so far the city hasn't seen the inflation that ithe parts of the state has like DFW. Can anyone share some insight on the market average rental prices, vacancies, do you have military tenants.

Thanks in advance for your valued inputs. 

@Brandon Boyer You have the right mindset, but might want to think bigger than Killeen. I redevelop and wholesale homes in military communities that have a larger city presence. For example Lawton OK is home to an Army Basic Training and another training mission, that means that you will have a lot of visitors every week for graduation and instructors who live off base (if they can find suitable housing). There is a low deployment yield and you will have more info about when the troops show up and leave. There are plenty of cities in Texas that are not overpriced like Dallas, you just need to your research. Hopefully this helps.

@Solomon Floyd thanks for the advice. I am interested in  Killeen because it has a large military presence with low availability of military housing. I never considered Oklahoma but I will have to look in to the market there. Would you know where I can do market analysis that isnt gonna cost a whole lot?

@Brandon Boyer I am in the Killeen/Ft Hood area and presently own 1 single family property.  We are starting to look into multi-family in the area with the goal of 4 - 8 - 10 unit properties.  If you're interested in networking I would be happy to talk with you.

There is a new BDE coming to Ft Hood in the near future therefore I think this is the time.