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Why Do You Invest in Texas? Specifically in McAllen or Houston?
BiggerPockets! I work at BP and I'm working on building a landing page for Texas and the cities of McAllen and Houston. Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the city or the state in general?... View more
Investing in Lockhart, Tx
Hi everyone,I am a RE newbie looking to acquire my first buy and hold property soon. I live in Lockhart, TX and am wondering if anyone here has experience investing in this town. If so, how has the experience been? Any... View more
Option Period - # of Days and amount?
I'm making an offer on a house tomorrow morning but trying to understand a final detail about the option period.I'm reading a lot of different numbers from different articles in terms of what is the ideal # of days in... View more
Mobile Home Investing in Texas
I come across many mobile homes for sale. I would like to connect with others who wholesale or rent them out. What are the pros and cons of each? What documents are needed? Thank you.  Tam
Looking for professional hoarder house cleaning in Corpus Christi
I am looking for a professional cleaning crew for a hoarder style house in the Corpus Christi area. It isn't hazardous, and isn't top to bottom, it is just too much for one person and maybe too much for an every day... View more
Finding people to do open houses???
Has anyone had success having a non-realtor do open houses for you? If so how did you find a reliable person and what kind of pay did you give them for their time? I’m not against realtors doing an open house, but not... View more
Texas Property Code Question
Hello Texas Investors, I am in the process of converting my primary residence to a rental and I have been advised by multiple sources about the security devices requirement in Texas' property code: Sec 92.153 in this... View more
REI in El Paso: Mil family moving to EP for 3-5 years
Hi all! I'm a relatively new RE investor and an active duty service member moving to El Paso from out of state, planning on living there 3-5 years. I'd like to buy between $150k-200k, and I've been looking at zillow,... View more
High end rentals in DFW
I've got a house under contract in the Canyon Creek neighborhood in Richardson that I plan to gut and renovate. It's a typical mid century ranch style common the neighborhood that has good open floor plan potential. As... View more
Is Texas City a bad area? Is it drug infested? What type of tenants will you get in Texas City if you rented out a duplex?The figures look good in Texas City, but I saw pictures of Texas City and it looks discouraging.
Real Estate Investor Club in Alpine, Texas
Hello Everyone, I am new to investing and am looking for any real estate investor clubs in the Big Bend area of Texas such as Alpine, Marfa, Fort Davis. I haven't found one yet, but possibly I just haven't looked hard... View more
ESA dog tenant verses a tenant with actually allergies
I am leasing some bedrooms one at a time in my little apartment complex (college kids). Got one person who can not live under the same roof as a dog and she has a real doctor's letter from a local MD. I also had this... View more
California vs. Texas - a cost comparison
Great article from ABJ on why so many companies are fleeing California.  I love visiting CA - the weather, food scene, wine, etc etc, but I couldn't imagine moving there from a financial perspective. “Every company... View more
Balance Sheet Partner for Agency Debt (Multifamily Sponsors)
I wanted to ask if anyone has had experience being a balance sheet partner for multifamily sponsors (or other investors) to obtain agency debt (Fannie, Freddie, etc.) and what the experience was like, etc. Thanks.
Short term rental strategies/tools
Hello All!I am working towards purchasing my first investment property this year. I am strongly leaning towards a property to use as a short term rental. I am looking to connect with investors in this space. I noticed... View more
I just bought my first rental property
I created a company to buy are rent a condo in 2020. I borrowed 120K from a relative to buy this investment property. I bought the condo for 118K and used the rest for make ready. I now have a tenant who is paying me... View more
Need Contractor: Repair Cost Estimates (DFW)
Hello!I am a new wholesaler looking for a contractor in the DFW metroplex to walk through some potential buys and estimate the repair costs/ARV. Obviously I don't have the experience right now to estimate myself, and... View more
Used House Materials and Supplies
Do you have a go to place for used parts and pieces when rehabbing a house in Texas. I have found that the Restore - Habitat for Humanity stores are great when trying to save a buck. Do know of others? Thank you.
What am I getting wrong? A newbie looking to invest in DFW
Hello everyone,  I recently graduated from college and moved to DFW for the first time to start my first full-time job. When the pandemic hit, I found myself with a lot of free time and discovered real estate investing... View more
Investing in Wylie TX
Hello BPNow that prices in TX are going thru the roof and every deal has multiple offers above asking price, I am considering making an investment in Wylie TX. Does any of you have any tips or experience with this... View more
Southeast Houston / Friendswood BiggerPockets Meetup
All,I'm looking to join or put together a real estate investment group in the Southeast portion of Houston.  I live in Friendswood and would like to connect & meet up virtually for now or in-person (hopefully) in... View more
Newbie Real Estate Investor Meet up
Hello BP, I'll get straight to it. I'm looking to host a meetup for new investors (0-5) deals. I haven't been to many meetups (2) but the pattern I see is typically a talk on a given topic following by opportunities to... View more

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