Looking for attorney that can create a bullet proof Lease Agreeme

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Hi Biggerpockets family,

I am getting close to be able to start renting out my back house and want a bullet proof lease agreement.

Does anyone have any recommendations on an attorney in the Los Angeles area who can create one?

Any and all recommendations and advice is appreciated.

Thank you...

Hi @Ronnie S. - I assume the back of the house you are renting out is in Santa Monica, based on your BP profile, right?

RSO in Santa Monica is very different from other parts of LA.  Before you go to a lawyer to create a SaMo-specific lease, I would recommend contacting a number of property managers in SaMo and get a copy of their leases.  Good property management companies will have SaMo-specific protections and provisions built into their leases.  This will make it much cheaper than having an RE lawyer create it from scratch.