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Wholesalers, Agents & Investors - How are you finding your deals?
Tunisia Johnson Last post by Tunisia Johnson, about 2 hours ago
Tunisia Johnson Tunisia Johnson 7 about 2 hours Jump to last post
General Contractors in LA
Parris Edwards Last post by Parris Edwards, 1 day ago
Parris Edwards Parris Edwards 2 1 day Jump to last post
Angelino's investing in STL
Daniel Arriola Last post by Daniel Arriola, 2 days ago
Daniel Arriola Daniel Arriola 10 2 days Jump to last post
Using FHA to buy a home and build ADU // need advice
Michelle Kay Last post by Michelle Kay, 2 days ago
Michelle Kay Michelle Kay 8 2 days Jump to last post
Should I convert a duplex in South Pasadena back to a SFR?
Paul Skikne Last post by Paul Skikne, 3 days ago
Paul Skikne Paul Skikne 6 3 days Jump to last post
Buying first home - advice on West LA/Silicon beach
Dan Heuschele Last post by Dan Heuschele, 3 days ago
Dan Heuschele Dan Heuschele 11 3 days Jump to last post
Note Buying in Los Angeles
Renee Harris Last post by Renee Harris, 3 days ago
Renee Harris Renee Harris 6 3 days Jump to last post
Hard Money Flips, Out of State, or Buy and Hold
Yannes Chiang Last post by Yannes Chiang, 4 days ago
Yannes Chiang Yannes Chiang 23 4 days Jump to last post
NEW to Cali, been living here for 3 years, any REIA meets?
Isaac Lipscomb Last post by Isaac Lipscomb, 6 days ago
Isaac Lipscomb Isaac Lipscomb 10 6 days Jump to last post
ADUs in Los Angeles - do you have any experience
Wadner Cortez Last post by Wadner Cortez, 7 days ago
Wadner Cortez Wadner Cortez 66 7 days Jump to last post
In escrow for a duplex in South Pasadena with Tenants
David Friedman Last post by David Friedman, 8 days ago
David Friedman David Friedman 2 8 days Jump to last post
Local MeetUps or RE events in LA/OC County
Jerome Bennett Last post by Jerome Bennett, 9 days ago
Jerome Bennett Jerome Bennett 10 9 days Jump to last post
Building Duplex as ADU in Grandmothers Backyard - Possible?
Artur Amirkhanyan Last post by Artur Amirkhanyan, 11 days ago
Artur Amirkhanyan Artur Amirkhanyan 6 11 days Jump to last post
Purchase and Sales Agreements in Orange County
Juan E Carrillo Last post by Juan E Carrillo, 11 days ago
Juan E Carrillo Juan E Carrillo 3 11 days Jump to last post
Zoning LAR1 ( Can I put up advertising billboard? on a lot? )
Jennifer Stutland Last post by Jennifer Stutland, 16 days ago
Jennifer Stutland Jennifer Stutland 2 16 days Jump to last post
HELP! New investor bought a lemon in SoCal - seeking guidance
Juan Escarcega Last post by Juan Escarcega, 17 days ago
Juan Escarcega Juan Escarcega 33 17 days Jump to last post
Ending month-to-month tenancy in a SFR
Minh Nguyen Last post by Minh Nguyen, 18 days ago
Minh Nguyen Minh Nguyen 2 18 days Jump to last post
Local Meetups or RE Events in Pasadena, CA
Philip C. Last post by Philip C., 20 days ago
Philip C. Philip C. 7 20 days Jump to last post
Starting a Meet-up Groups in Los Angeles
Gregory Preer Jr Last post by Gregory Preer Jr, 23 days ago
Gregory Preer Jr Gregory Preer Jr 68 23 days Jump to last post
Los Angeles Tenants "Union" - Universal Rent Control
Joseph M. Last post by Joseph M., about 1 month ago
Joseph M. Joseph M. 35 about 1 month Jump to last post
Syndication - Own Your Own to HOA conversion
Nick Hedberg Last post by Nick Hedberg, about 1 month ago
Nick Hedberg Nick Hedberg 0 about 1 month Jump to last post
West Hollywood Contractor Recommendations
Jesus Javier Huerta Last post by Jesus Javier Huerta, about 1 month ago
Jesus Javier Huerta Jesus Javier Huerta 2 about 1 month Jump to last post
Real Estate Agent & Investment Opportunities Los Angeles
Jo-Ann Lapin Last post by Jo-Ann Lapin, about 1 month ago
Jo-Ann Lapin Jo-Ann Lapin 14 about 1 month Jump to last post
Rebates or Grants for remodeling house in Los Angeles
Ronnie S. Last post by Ronnie S., about 1 month ago
Ronnie S. Ronnie S. 2 about 1 month Jump to last post
What's the best way to find a good GC?
Steve Jones Last post by Steve Jones, about 1 month ago
Steve Jones Steve Jones 1 about 1 month Jump to last post

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