Any experienced realtors willing to mentor relatively new agent?

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I've been working as an agent for a few months, but I feel that I could benefit from a mentor that has a lot of real estate experience in Miami. Is there anyone that is interested in developing a professional relationship with a young, energetic new agent? I'd be happy to do some legwork for someone who is busy, since I have the time.

@Dan U.

First, If you really want to be successful, sign up for Mike Ferry coaching. Go to Youtube to check out his videos and then go to his website. You'll find ton of free information. Also, sing up for the first available event he has where you get four full days of training. Mike Ferry agents are some of the top earners in the industry. 

Second, learn as much as you can about investing and invest in Real Estate yourself. I can't believe people sell real estate without being their own client. Most of investors won't work with someone that doesn't invest himself.

Good luck to you and welcome to BP!

Thanks for your response, Lumi! That sounds like a great idea. 

@Dan U. There are plenty of agents and brokers who do mentoring in exchange for a 25% of your commissions while you are being mentored.  This may be a route to go till you get established.

@Dan U. If you are serious email me your resume and a little blurb about you.

@Nick Britton Thanks for the opportunity! Unfortunately i'm based in Miami and going up to Ft. Lauderdale for mentoring won't be possible. 

Originally posted by @Dan U. :

@Nick Britton Thanks for the opportunity! Unfortunately i'm based in Miami and going up to Ft. Lauderdale for mentoring won't be possible. 

Who said anything about Ft. Lauderdale? Did you assume I don't have an office in Miami? A mentoree must be willing to do ANYTHING and with assumptions like those, you have a long and treacherous road ahead of you. Good luck, kid.

Hi @Dan Ufberg! I'm actually a mentoree for @Nick Britton and I live in Miami. If you'd like to save on gas then take the 95X from Downtown to Broward Blvd, its a 30-minute commute. 

Either way sometimes you make the drive to go meet a client and sometimes you realize you didn't qualify them enough and they end up being despicable brokers. But that's one of the things that may come up as a mentoree. Commuting is the least of your issues.

Normally getting to your goal (point B) isn't a straightforward task, and sometimes driving to Ft. Lauderdale is necessary. Sometimes even longer drives, especially with seeking a half-million dollar deal. It's all about how how much you want experience, and whether you're ready to take that one chance, one shot (Eminem). Good luck with your Real Estate goals of 2015! Joe

 @Dan U. Maybe I didn't see it, but why aren't you getting the help you need from your own broker?

@Dan U. My advice would be to get out there and prove yourself to be worth it. Be passionate, network ! An opportunity will come. 

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