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New investor in Miami. Looking to meet and network.
Hi all.My name is Guy.I'm originally from Israel and flew to Miami 3 days ago with the goal in mind to move here and start doing real estate full time. In the past 3 years I've had a very successful e-commerce business... View more
Mixed Use Ground Truth - South Miami Beach
We are considering providing equity as part of a development team building mixed-use infill projects in South Miami Beach. Really looking for knowledge and informed opinions on pre-COVID and post-COVID trends in South... View more
Want to meet up in Miami?
I’m a new investor and will be coming to Miami to look at some properties (will be moving there in the next couple months) on Dec 18-20 Would anyone be interested in getting together to network? Maybe I can set up an... View more
Looking to buy a MFH in South Miami (Coral Gables or other areas)
Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a MFH (Duplex, Triplex etc.) in South Miami with each side 2+ bedroom/1+ bath. I really like Coral Gables neighborhood but I am open to other areas in South Miami. I plan to live in... View more
I am looking for an Architect in Miami
Hello BP community in Miami, I bought a land with a friend in Little Haiti and now we are looking for an architect investor friendly/mindset in order to start the drawing process. If someone has a recommendation would... View more
Miami Real Estate Networking Event
I'm putting together a networking event in Miami next Friday December 18 at 5:00pm. let me know if you would like to attend!Looking forward to getting to know some of you in the... View more
South Florida Loan Pre-Approval Letter
Hello! I'm a newbie investor, and this is my first post! I live in DC but I want to start investing in South Florida because my dad is a GC here and is going to do my rehab. I'm looking to either BRRRR or flip a couple... View more
How much sales tax is owed for leases that are 6 mths or less?
Due to new requirements in the city of Miami, I'm not able to rent out my condo unit anymore as a "short term rental" because I'm not able to get a "certificate of use (CU)" that states "lodging" versus... View more
Mutlifamily Realtor rec in West Palm Beach or Miami area
Looking to connect or get a recommendation for a realtor or broker in the West Palm Beach or Miami area who has experience working with duplex investors. If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated.
Small local banks in Miami
Anyone have a list of small local banks in Miami that deal in portfolio lending? Or/and that are willing to let you transfer your current loan to an LLC?
Property Management recommendation Miami / Sweetwater area?
Good afternoon, BP colleagues.  I was hoping you could help me with a recommendation for a property management firm in Miami, for apartments in the Sweetwater area.  I have some elderly family members who have about... View more
High Priced Condo Insurance in Miami for STR - Referral?
I'm in the process of getting an HO6 condo insurance policy in Miami at 20% coverage of purchase price and with hurricane/wind coverage, and I'm finding it difficult to get a good premium rate. One company I... View more
Miami Foreclosure Auction
Hello Everyone,I'm new at this and don't really know much about investing in real estate. I know we have a website, realforeclose, where foreclosure properties are sold on online auctions. I did some research here and... View more
September Happy Hour Hangout - REI Zoom Meeting
This month we will be having our zoom meeting on the 29th of September at 6:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada). Please do not forget to RSVP here and mark your calendars for the event.
Wholesale Coach in Miami
Hello Everyone,New member here. My wife and I and are jumping into REI, and we wanted to focus on Wholesaling for our Active income stream. We wanted to know if there is any coach/mentor here in Miami that would be... View more
Accountant Recomendation in Miami
Anyone have and accountant recommendation in the Miami area?I am starting to build a portfolio out of state is someone has experience dealing with that.
Local Investor/Agent Introduction
Hi all, Local agent and investor hoping to introduce myself to the forum. My name is Frank Berrin. I was born and raised in sunny South Florida and have always had the vision of investing in real estate. My friends use... View more
Handyman referral please
Can anyone please recommend a decent handyman in Miami? One that is decent and honest is so, so hard to come by.  I promise I won't steal him from you. I only need someone for regular maintenance work at a couple of... View more
1st deal inspector recommendations!
Hey all,I have been looking to purchase my first house hack for some time now and feel that I am close to getting one of my offers accepted. It dawned on me that I do not have any recommendations for an inspector in... View more
Miami/Broward Area Returns
Looking to invest in buy and hold rental property. Currently involved in a syndication deal but ready to do my own. Ideally duplex - fourplex but It seems much of those properties are older buildings and the i haven't... View more
Popular submarkets for long distance investors
I live in the Miami area but do not invest here...and shamefully haven't learned much about the market whatsoever. So here I am with a very basic question:What are the popular submarkets you would recommend for long... View more
How would you invest in miami?
Looking to buy my first investment property in the Miami /surroundings area but in my local area [midtown] all we have is condos with insane HOA fees... How would you go about it ? Im thinking of getting a mortgage,... View more
New Real Estate Investor
I am new to Real Estate Investing and am looking to purchase my first investment property in Miami. I have been using the 1%/2% tests on prospective properties and am having a hard time finding properties that exceed... View more
COVID-19 1031 Exchange Deadline Extensions
On April 9, the IRS issued Notice 2020-23, extending a variety of deadlines, including 1031 deadlines. Although the Notice is confusing, because it is not written like the typical Disaster Relief Notices, this Notice... View more