Orlando Investing, worth it at this point?

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@Jenniffer Gonzalez why would that be a deterrent? I suppose if your goal is to run a STR business then yeah that is probably a bad thing. In the city of Orlando the STR regulations are pretty restrictive. Out by Disney in Osceola county it is more STR friendly. It all depends on your goals.

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I am looking for opinions about investing in Orlando? The condo I am thinking of getting can only be rented for longer than 1 month, should that be a deterrent? Thanks!


I am not sure where you live, but in Orlando there are unfortunately a lot of HOA's, which means a lot of restrictions. If I were you I would find a Single family house with either no HOA or one that allows a lot of different options. That way you are not caught with your pants down if you had say an AirBNB and a global pandemic prevented people from traveling to a tourist town......But this is just an example ;)

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