property management in Pocatello

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Does anyone have positive experience with property management companies in Pocatello? I am trying to decide whether or not to self manage up there. Thanks!

I’m interested as well. I just bought my first Triplex here. I’ve heard of some places, but not enough info to know what’s good and what’s not. 

I’ve only owned my Pocatello property for one year.  So my experience is limited.  But I retained 5 Star who managed it for the previous owner.  He had good things to say about them and my limited experience has been positive thus far.  They pay promptly, vacancies are filled in a reasonable time, and accounting/statements are solid.  When I have need to call or email about something the response time has been good. 

I hired Rooftop Real Estate Management (out of Idaho Falls, ID) to manage one of my properties in Pocatello and they have done an outstanding job. They only manage higher-end rentals though, so they wouldn't manage one of my other properties. They came highly recommended and have lived up to the expectation!

I like ANR (  I have been using them for two years and have nothign at all bad to say about them. My vacancy rate last year was a little less than 5% and that included kicking someone out and rehabbing for two months. I have nine units. ANR will mange any type of property but from my vantage point it seems that they dont' have a lot of high end units in their listings.

Eight of my tenants seem to be extremely happy with them.

If anyone is still in the market for Property Management, check out my earlier post: