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Kissimmee Short term rental
We have a beautiful turn key property in Kissimmee ideal location near Disney that we are contemplating selling next spring once our current guests leave (we had a longer term renter book).  It is 4 bed/3 bath townhome... View more
Pocatello Portfolio Lenders
Hi, might be going under contract on a triplex and was wondering what lenders people prefer in eastern Idaho? Possibly a lender that allows less than 20% down. Thanks.
property management in Pocatello
Does anyone have positive experience with property management companies in Pocatello? I am trying to decide whether or not to self manage up there. Thanks!
Looking for a Real Estate Agent in Pocatello Idaho
Hello!  I live in the Salt Lake Valley and was wondering if anyone knows any great real estate agents that understand investors and have experience working with them in the Pocatello area.
Construction Project Managers - Twin Falls, ID
Hello! I've recently gotten involved with residential flips and rehabs, and am looking for recommendations for construction project managers based out of Twin Falls. Thought this community might have some ideas - I'd... View more
Historic Hotel Investment Opportunity
Happy Easter to all those investors out there! We have a hotel rehab project underway and are looking to fellow investors for support - the historic Monarch Hotel in Pocatello is getting revitalized! In September... View more
Looking for ARV help in the Pocatello area
Hello all. I am interested to know more about the Pocatello area and I am looking for an experienced person that would be willing to chat. Specifically in regards to gov't subsidized housing and how to calculate ARV's... View more
How to make money with Rentals
HI there I'm  a newer agent in Miami, FL. Licensed for a little over then two years now and I'm looking for some tips on how to get leads from people seeking rentals. Fact is for the past two years while attempting to... View more