How to Become a Property Manager without a Real Estate Degree

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Hi BP community! 

Can anyone give me advise on courses I can take or credentials I can earn in order to become a professional residential property manager? What things can I do to get the opportunity to work for a professional property management company without a real estate degree? 

I do have a college degree in Engineering, but I do not have have a degree in Real Estate and I have minimal experience in real estate investing. It seems like those are the prerequisites to get an opportunity to work for a company and become a professional property manager. I have tried searching for advise but unfortunately I cannot find anything. Any advise anyone can provide will be extremely helpful. 

PS -  This is my first post and I am excited to be apart of the BP community!


To manage property for others in Illinois you are required to have your Real Estate license working under the supervision of a Broker.   After you get the required hours you can then test for your own Broker's License.   If you go to the state real estate commission site it should be easy to fill out the application and start the required classes.  You can do most online.   Just find a good local broker to work with so you can get trained on the basics of home to handle the transactions and properly document what is required by your state.  

Good Luck

In Illinois become a licensed real estate agent and work your way to property manager by working with a broker. You can also manage your own properties.

Most brokers do not carry the property management insurance. That left a niche for real estate brokers who hire managers under him. In California DRE requires you need a property management credential.  

To work at a property management company I do not believe you need a license. Needing finger print and background search but the pay is very low. Some apartments let you stay at the place getting your rent for free. 

Most prefer bilingual or trilingual skills and a clean driver record.