Are Garage Conversions Allowed in Des Moines?

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I've been scouring the internet and the zoning, etc., and can't seem to find the answer - is it possible to get a permit to convert an existing garage into another bedroom or separate rental unit in Des Moines?  Thanks.  If you happen to have a link to a code, that would be great.

Easiest way is to just call the city and the county, they will be able to answer your question in 5 minutes. Good luck!

I would give Community Develpment a call at the City of Des Moines. Since Des Moines just did a conprehensive rewrite of their zoning code under the name planDSM in the last couple of years. So a lot of the rules have changed for zoning type, house design, minimun square feet, lot size, etc.

@Sue K. I've been investing in DSM for the last 3 yrs and can count on one hand how many garage conversions i've seen for sale and can count on 2 hands how many i've seen while driving around neighborhoods showing houses.

I also encourage you to call the polk county neighborhood development (community development) division to check, but it I can assure you, currently it is NOT common.

Sorry for the delay - thank you everyone.  It looks uncommon and I'd rather not try to reinvent the wheel.