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Drake/Grandview neighborhoods post COVID
When I'm looking through zillow and other platforms, I've noticed that the areas close to Drake and some of the areas around Grandview seem to have a fair amount of available inventory of properties for sale and for... View more
Contacts In Des Moines, IA
In general, I am looking to make some contacts in the Des Moines market, so I would love to connect with any investors and agents there. Specifically, I am an owner of a hard money lending business in the Omaha area,... View more
Good Agent for Marketing a SFR needing rehab?
Happy New Year everyone! Searching for an agent here in Des Moines with expertise in marketing to investors. We have a SFR for sale in the Grandview University area. I envision its a good deal for an investor as it... View more
Looking for advice on bills in Des Moines/West Des Moines
Hello everyone, looking to purchase a single family residence around Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. The home is around 11500k and needs 5k$ in additional rehab costs. It is 3bed 1bath property and BP insights is showing... View more
Drywall Contractor in Des Moines
Hello Everyone,Could anyone refer me to a drywall contractor in Des Moines?  I need roughly 700SF sheetrocked, 1300SF textured, 1600SF painted.Thank you in advance,-Wes
Are Garage Conversions Allowed in Des Moines?
I've been scouring the internet and the zoning, etc., and can't seem to find the answer - is it possible to get a permit to convert an existing garage into another bedroom or separate rental unit in Des Moines? ... View more
Is the Des Moines metro market overheating?
I’ve been investing in Des Moines real estate for a while now, and I haven’t seen this kind of frenzied buying since 2006-2008. Looking at the DMAAR's (Des Moines Area Association of REALTORS ) July sales report, homes... View more
Moving to Des Moines IA - SFR or Multi-Fam?
Hello team, My name is Jose Ruesta and I'm soon be living in Des Moines IA. I am an active duty Soldier and have been in for close to 14 years. The only real estate experience I have is when I bought my first home in... View more
7-unit under contract in Des Moines
Happy Easter to all ! My names is Hakeem Valles, I am a recently retired NFL player and just settled my family down in St Louis. Last week I went under contract on a seller financed 7-unit in Des Moines. I just got... View more
Des Moines Commercial Lender Recommendations??
Hi BP rockstars! Are there any recommendations for local Des Moines, IA commercial lenders? Recently closed on a multifamily (5+ units) investment property and looking for a lender that has a shorter seasoning... View more
trying to understand the market
Hey there!im an out of state investor, and im looking to understand the DSM marketon the surface, its seems like there are good deals here (better than the last market ive looked in) but I cant really be sure about... View more
General Contractor Recommendation - Des Moines Iowa
Anyone here have recommendations for a general contractor in the Des Moines, Iowa area? Trying to have a long-term fix for a flooding issue in a finished basement.Issue is sump pump isn't working optimally and release... View more
Plumber for Rehabs?
I seem to have trouble finding a plumber that's interested in doing rehabs.  If they are, they are flaky or  not  very professional.  I welcome your suggestions  for somebody that is the right mix of reasonably priced... View more
DM Specific Neighborhood Question
Hey all,I am not local, but I'm looking into the next step to invest in my first rental property in DM.I am considering a property located on MLK Jr. between Forest and 19th.I have put together my own list of comp... View more
How much does a roof cost to replace?
A house I'm looking at needs its roof replaced in a few years.  How much does that typically cost around here?  The house is a little shy of 1,000 sq. ft. and I'd be putting your standard asphalt shingles on.
Plumber for Rehabs?
I seem to have trouble finding a plumber that's interested in doing rehabs.  If they are, they are flaky or  not  very professional.  I welcome your suggestions  for somebody that is the right mix of reasonably priced... View more
Squatters in my home, what do I do?
I rented my home out to my tenants  with a 6 month lease that became a month to month as the lease ended. The lease stated no visitors for over 2 weeks and no subleases. Today my tenant is telling me sometime in Dec... View more
Is Des Moines growth really sustainable??
I've been really intrigued by the Des Moines are real estate market for some time now. Cap rates look great, crime is low, and the city itself seems to be booming as of late.  Seems like a great market for cash flow... View more
Loan Recommendation in Iowa
Hi Guys,I am looking to meet lenders in Iowa that would do a commercial loan with a 25-year amortization with LTV at least above 75%. Does anyone have a contact/bank/lender that they would recommend? Thank you in advance.
Moving to Des Moines
Hi,I'm a somewhat experienced real estate investor who just accepted a verbal offer for a new job in Des Moines. My family and I are planning to move up there in the next month to 5-6 weeks or so. To that end, I'm... View more
Moving to Des Moines & seeking info
Hi Guys,I was just given a job offer to move to Des Moines and accepted it. Waiting on the background check to wrap up, and hope to start in mid-late January. I have two single family rentals here in Houston, and would... View more
General Contractor Recommendations DSM
Hello fellow BP members!I am seeking recommendations for general contractors in the Des Moines area.  I have recently acquired some multi-units and SFHs in the past 4 months and I would like to do some renovations to... View more
Des Moines, IA - Newbie Introduction
Hello! I wanted to introduce myself to the Des Moines area crowd. My name is Chris Goehring, and I'm getting into real estate more each week. I wish I had started here with Bigger Pockets first, because it would've... View more