Making the most out of a visit to Reno, NV?

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Hello BP and Reno!

I'm heading up to Reno / Sparks, NV in a month or so, and am looking for some tips on two things:

1.  What's fun to do there that's family friendly?  I'm going to be there over a long weekend with two young boys and my wife in early August. 

2. As a young REI still looking for a market in which to invest (remotely from Southern California), what areas of Reno should I tour that might actually still produce some cash-flow as a 1-4 unit buy and hold rental? Does such a mythical area still exist in this market?

Many thanks!


Hey there! I would stay at Grand Sierra - they’ve renovated the pool and have a game area for kids. Also a plus if the adults are into gambling.

Hubby and I invested in SFH in Northwest Reno but prices have gone up so much we are now looking into other asset classes. Market is def better than Cali (we live in the Bay Area).