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Code Copmpliant Stairs in Rental Property?
I have a property that i am looking at renovating. I have a solid budget and plan the only thing that i am worried about is the stair case to the second floor/ attic. The property was built in the 40s so when they... View more
What's everyone working on? Your latest projects in Nor-Nev
Hey everyone. Always curious to see what our local investment community is working on! I wanted to start a thread to find out and if anyone has any current needs/wants, post them up here so the community can help out!... View more
New SFH in Reno as first investment rental property?
Newbie here. Has anyone looked at some of the new SFH in the communities around Reno, Nevada? the prices are around the mid 300k. What do you guys think of them as a buy and hold investment?
Commercial Real Estate in Northern Nevada
Any commercial investors here from Northern Nevada? Are you buying thru the pandemic? Are you selling? What's your 10,000-foot view of the commercial real estate market in this area? Specifically, Carson City,... View more
First time investor looking to house hack in the Reno area
Hey there BP, long time lurker finally ready to get involved. I recently moved to Reno and I'm looking to purchase my first house/investment property. The plan would be to house hack a single family home (rent out the... View more
do you hire demolition contractors?
im a gc and i hire demo contractors for everything from clean out to large demo some cases i even do the work myself but wondering if the end users here actually hire demo contractors or just leave it to the gc
Northern Nevada Cash flow
Hello, I live overseas but I am moving back home to Reno in the next couple months! I will need to buy a place to live and have it as an owner occupied investment property.  Who is investing/flipping in Northern Nevada... View more
Airbnb investment in Reno
Newbie here, looking at purchasing my first investment in NW Reno and planning to go the Airbnb route. Would this be advisable given the situation? Any other advice?
Cost estimating guide
I am trying to estimate costs for my first BRRRR project and I came across this web site: From your reno experience, do these estimates seem reasonable? 
Apartment building start case material?
I have two buildings that have interior staircases leading to multiple units. One is wooden stair treads that are painted , the other is an older carpet. The carpet is gross , the wood looked Nice but doesn’t wear ... View more
Appraisers - Bathtub or Shower in 1 Bath
Hey Everyone, Bathtubs use to seem like a requirement in one bathroom homes. Does anyone else feel this need has shifted? In the middle of renovating my primary residence which will eventually be rented and/or sold ... View more
Exploring the Reno market & looking to connect
Hi everyoneI'm Nick - reasonably new to the game with 1 deal in Arkansas.  I'm looking to relocate to Reno in the next few months and do a house hack. I've carved out some time to do some 'boots on the ground'... View more
Renovation financing and restrictions
Is anyone having trouble finding conventional funding for renovation? My conventional lender told me that they can only consider me for a renovation loan if I will owner-occupy the property. She said that the... View more
Looking to invest in real estate?
Hello, lets get to know each other. I'm a local northern Nevada real estate investor looking to build up my network more, let me know preferred investment vehicle and what you can bring to the table (I.e. skill/trade,... View more
Unpermitted Finished Basement
Hi All.  I am still searching for my first investment property.  I found a property on Zillow that is listed as a 4b/2ba, and is priced as such.  However when I pull up the public record, it is recorded as a 3b/1ba... View more
Longest Lasting Exterior Paint
I am painting the exterior of my 4 unit multifamily gray with white trim possibly with some blue shutters.  I am just wondering, what exterior paint is the biggest bang for my buck?  What is the longest lasting... View more
Vinyl Luxury Plank (LVP) on Raised Foundation
I have been using a lot of LVP and I am noticing that it does not perform as well on raised foundations as slab.Has anyone else been having problems with LVP on raised foundations?What other flooring are investors using?
Kitchen flooring renovation
Here’s my current strategy for a kitchen remodel, let me know if you’d do it differentlyOur original plan was to replace the broken tile, nasty countertop, and paint the cabinets. But we just found existing hardwood... View more
Floor plan brainstorm...Need help!
I am under contract on a property that I want to turn into a short term rental with a backup option of a long term rental or flip if things go south. It's about 900 sq ft and only requires a moderate cosmetic reno. My... View more
When is a building a lost cause? Rehab cost too high?
At what point is a property too far gone to rehab? I found an 9 Plex, fixed up it could be worth about 400k based on income valuation. But it needs EVERYTHING. Place is a dumpy/disgusting, been vandalized, no floors,... View more