"Texas Association of Realtors Request For Rental History" Form

3 Replies | Houston, Texas

My tenant has violated the lease several times, had late payments, and has been negligent with the property other times. I have looked forward to the day the lease expires so he will move out. 

I am reluctant to fill this form out because I have negative feedback. The new landlord told me she would share feedback with the tenant if it is negative. Given his lease doesn't expire until the end of August, he may be vindictive and damage the property. 

Am I obligated to fill out this form?

I wouldn't think you're legally obligated to return the form, but I'm not an attorney. It's a tough position to be in because on one hand if you tell the truth, that might prevent them from finding a place to lease and they end up staying at your property. On the other hand you don't wanna lie just to pass off a crappy tenant to someone else so they can be their problem. 

@Annette Radvansky . There is no legal requirement for you to fill out the form (I'm aware of) and return it. 

If you want to be straightforward with the new proposed landlord, you can just tell them you will not fill out the form, but  would be willing to verbally discuss the tenant's performance.  

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Tran Vu and Jim Cummings, thank you both for your responses. I did speak directly to the Landlord and expressed my views. They understood my concerns completely, and I didn't fill out the form.