RV Park and Campground Upstate NY

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I have a RV park-campground under contract and looking for some guidance from experienced owners.  If you know anyone please let me know and can fill you in on details.  thanks

We stayed up that way Memorial Day weekend a few years back. We went to the Hall of Fame. I can’t remember off the top of
my head where we stayed, though. Like I said, I don’t know much about running a campground, but I think with the hall of fame there, you can probably do pretty good. I know what I like in a campground, so if you’re looking for opinions, feel free to reach out.

Also, as already mentioned, check some of the RV forums out there. There’s people with a lot more knowledge/advice than me. Lol

@Adam Glassman - Thought I might have seen that one Adam and thought about making an offer. Why are you selling it...not the profit potential you thought it would be or simply too far away to manage it?  Shoot me a PM.

hey rob...i am in contract on it and wholesaling it.  Its a great park.  seller has financial issues, medical problem, etc and hasnt really operated it much in years.

Send me your email and will send you some info.  If you have cash and always wanted to have a rv and camping park this is the one.  Doesnt  need much to get open and operating...

I am also in nyc so way too far from me..but not for you if your in syracuse....

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